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Mixing Caps
Mixing Caps
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Mixing Caps

by _cspace_ -Read all my Reviews 08/14/2014
These are essential for mixing paint or transferring paint from one can to another. They work great with wingtip adapters, I haven't tried with the plastic sekt adapters. The machined aluminum adapters would probably work really well, but just a guess.

Here's the how-to: Freeze the EMPTY can for at least 30 minutes (the colder the better), get your mixing caps ready and when your ready drop your FULL can into a bowl of HOT water for a few minutes (not boiling, you don't want a paint explosion). Attach ONE mixing cap to EACH can then connect them with the straw. Press the cap on the FULL can until it's emptied or you get the right mixture you want. If you're doing a straight transfer, I sometimes need to freeze the can again to get it nice and cold. I'm going to try Bloodsweatxylene's tip and put the can into a bag of ice to keep it cold. That's a great idea. If you're mixing paint, you probably want to test it out periodically to make sure you're getting a color you like.

I hear the EMPTY receiving can needs to be upside down, but I've never done it that way and I always get a nice clean transfer as long as the EMPTY/RECEIVING can is nice and COLD and FULL/DONOR can is WARM but not too hot.

No question. Get some. (APREPLY) Excellent review. You get to be the default.

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by Seth -Read all my Reviews 03/21/2017
Works great, clean and get many uses out of them. These are very useful for mixing and a few other techniques.

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by The Fifteen 3 Oh -Read all my Reviews 07/28/2011
Seems to be many "myths" and questions about how these actually work. The only way to get it down is to drop your coin and buy a few packs, then play with them until you get it right. Back in the day we had Nintendo cartridges that would after a few plays give the blinking screen and/or fuzzy sh*t... don't know how this came to be, but we all did the same thing: we blew on the cartridges and adjusted the fitment until Double Dragon II started working again. We didn't have Facebook or blogs; we didn't hop on our Blackberries and text or chat. we figured it out. My point is, when it comes to mixing paints & inks, making markers or filling fire extinguishers, you just gotta go out and try it. I am almost 30 and have so many fails when it comes to homemade markers, even some of my big pieces come out like garbage cause I got too busy with them and couldn't stop. sometimes I didn't even sketch them out first, and they turned out just wrong. but 1530 is what I write, and New York, Akron OH, Chicago and Seattle/Spokane/Tri C has seen my handle. Its all about dong and learning and f***ing it up once in a while. You'll get called the best on your block one day, then the next some 18 yr old will call you a toy. So if you have a serious question, the best way to get your answer is to shoot AP the quick message, buy the product and take it out on the streets. Maybe you'll get lucky and run into me and my crew, ESB... we'll show you how you make it braid. Maybe you'll get your stash jacked. But 1st and foremost: Be a man, empty the can. Waste the paint. It's always worth it...

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by Bloodsweatxylene. -Read all my Reviews 03/14/2011
These are a must for anyone who's meticulous with their pressure systems, and even for the broke artists that get good paint, just bad valve systems and wish they could pop a pink dot on that can of theirs. Now you can. These work on every single valve system I have ever came in contact with. Even rusto cans with busted valves that don't take quite well to rusto fats. Tutorials on how to use these are everywhere on the internet, but
basic things to keep in mind are:
Bigger temperature difference, the faster the paint exchanges.
Cans with more pressure in them transfer more solvent than paint.
(my tip is to put the empty can straight out of the freezer into a bag of ice, and the can thats full in a cup of hot a$$ water. Paint transfers SO smooth. Also, you can empty out solvent and keep filling up to make that nice black extremely low pressure. beware though, you always need enough propellant to actually spray all the paint out.)

Ever wish you could outline as thin as a pencil with harbor blue? Throw some harbor blue in an alien can.
Ever wish you could could fill in that throw in 10 seconds and not have to worry about buying a new can of 600 ml every time? Put a can and a bunch of solvent in a 600 ml burner can.
Wish you could silence all your paint on those freights that are right outside the rail boss's office instead of buying a bunch of montana? Just transfer all your paint to montana.

My life began the night I came across these.
And I hope they help you out too.
(Best for me, is transfer a cheap black to a can of mtn. And a full white and half of a solid color like purple to a 600 ml, creamy throws for miles)

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by BooK*OneS -Read all my Reviews 03/30/2009
ay i no that is used for fillings can or mixing but could u use these cap for catchin straw tip rites(ap reply) you can do whatever you want. the possibilities are endless

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by skikles -Read all my Reviews 01/05/2009
i love these for making tiny cans of paint for sneaking into clubs and other such indoor areas that you couldn't bring a full size can or for quick bombing. get a spray can of new skin and empty it with the cap it came in. this cap will get RUINED. DON'T PUT ON A NICE CAP UNTIL YOU'VE PUT THE NICE PAINT INTO IT. once you fill the new skin can, fit it up with any cap you want but i suggest a ny skinny or fat. this can is tiny enough to hide in your pocket but it you fill it well, it'll last a good few bombs

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