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Adiccion 4 (import) Adiccion Graffiti Magazine #4
This is the fourth issue of ADICCION GM new and improved.
76 pages (full color) filled with bombs and tags, from Mexico city, Mexicali, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco.
If you got the previous issues you know what this mag is about.
Adiccion 4 (import)

All Nation Issue #2 All Nation #2
Lots and lots of flicks! Mostly freights and a few walls. Golden Oldies.  One of our most popular magazines.
All Nation Issue #2

Black Crown Issue 1 Black Crown Graffiti Magazine #1
This is the premiere issue of BlackCrown, an Oakland, California based magazine. In this first issue, there is an interview with Temper of South-Side Chicago along with photos of clean trains. Also featuring Oze 108 KYT KIL, Oakland artist Erik Groff, haikus by "The Gold Teeth Thief" and "One Clear Channel" as well as illegal graffiti from all over the US.
Black Crown Issue 1

Clout Graffiti Magazine 10 Clout Graffiti Magazine #10
Versatility is one of the keys to success and all the interviewees in this tenth issue possess that quality in one way or another. The Game has been leading the West Coast resurgence for some time now and with his record label, The Black Wall Street, has been bringing up artists like Clyde Carson to follow suit. Hailing from Oakland, California, Clyde Carson is one of the Bay's most promising stars and when we met up with him at the Coliseum Yard in The Town, that star quality was quite evident. Purveyor of Hyphy Juice, Clyde Carson not only has his music game on tight, but business as well. Another rising star from the Bay, Traxamillion has been knocking out slap after slap and lyrically, is just as good as his production and you'll be hearing a lot more from this young star who's working with some of rap's major players. In the next issue, we will be featuring an in-depth interview with the man who put Clyde Carson's hometown on the map and who's also worked with Trax, rap pioneer and living legend, Too $hort, so stay tuned. From the East Coast, we've got Brooklyn's Tek and Steele of Smif-N-Wessun, who are now back with a new album and a refreshing amount of insightful lyrics. Speaking of Brooklyn, photographer Boogie, who was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia and now calls NY home, has shot various images of street life around the world and gives us some insight in a Q&A session. Portland, Oregon based artist Ryan Bubnis, who is just as comfortable in a train yard as well as in a gallery, shows us some of his new work and talks about his art and what the future holds. Infamous Australian madman Chopper Read who was notorious as a criminal, and is also a successful author and surprisingly now a recording artist is an example of how versatility helps to keep one relevant. MUCH, whose versatile style graces numerous freight trains that roll across America, converses with EWOK in one of my favorite interviews to date. Lastly, I agree with ALOY in that graffiti should be done for the fun of it. Check out his interview along with flicks of some dope ass spots he's caught. Versatility is key. Be smart, be safe and as Much says, more painting less posting.
Clout Graffiti Magazine 10

Clout Graffiti Magazine 11 Clout Graffiti Magazine 11The Latest issue of Clout Graffiti Magazine is in. Last issue, the theme among all those interviewed was versatility. This issue's common denominator is longevity. You might even call the interviewees in this eleventh issue legends. First up is Bay Area rap pioneer and the godfather of pimp rap, Too $hort. Crafting his art since the age of 14, Too $hort has been around for more than twenty years and still remains to be relevant today. Building a solid foundation in the Bay Area rap scene beginning in his early teen years, San Quinn continues to be a mainstay and positive force for the younger generation. For almost thirty years, Cope 2 has been getting up in the streets on a consistent basis and now has made a professional career out of his art. He talks to Clout about his beginnings as a writer and gives us some words on his inspirations, crews, beef and the state of graffiti today. On the cover, you'll find a pin-up lizard girl unmistakably illustrated by the legendary skateboard artist Todd Bratrud. You wouldn't know it from reading his interview but he's been drawing and skateboarding for two decades and has contributed countless graphics to the scene. Graffiti writer GESO made his way onto the scene 16 years ago and has one of the most unique styles. Following the road less traveled, GESO's got a style and attitude all his own.You'll also find a Q&A with the creator of innovative brand Two In The Shirt, Marek Grubel, who is bringing tastefully provocative graphics on tees season after season. And as always, a solid selection of great photos of walls, freights and city streets from coast to coast as well as product and fashion features.
Clout Graffiti Magazine 11

Clout Graffiti Magazine 2 Clout Graffiti Magazine #2
What's Inside: This magazine features train footage and street bombing. Also inside is a Fear and Dove interview, a Mayhem feature, and much more.
Clout Graffiti Magazine 2

Clout Graffiti Magazine 3 CLOUT Graffiti Magazine #3
Photos of freights, bombing, walls, etc. from coast to coast. Interviews with the Bay Area's beloved rapper (on the cover) Andre Nickatina a.k.a. Dre Dog, San Jose legend Zen RTM, underground hip hop star Awol One of the Shape Shifters, and Sacramento's hip-hop crew always bringin real shit, The Cuf. Featuring the comics of Jersey Joe.
Clout Graffiti Magazine 3

Clout Graffiti Magazine 4 CLOUT Graffiti Magazine #4
Interviews with: Los Angeles' bomber 125 from C.U.L.T., Bay Area's Cellski and his younger brother Killa Keise, Rifleman AKA Ellay Khule, "freight king", King157 RTM, Above, Joshua Petker. And of course bombing, freights and walls.
Clout Graffiti Magazine 4

Clout Graffiti Magazine 5 CLOUT Graffiti Magazine #5
This fifth issue of Clout features an in-depth interview with The NSF's Niser, one of graffiti's heavy hitters. Articles feat. Coma and Nore  "DC's Last Street Kings", Hiro, 2mex, Indecline. And of course bombing, freights and walls. There's a Tie tribute page and a Desa MTA spread.
Clout Graffiti Magazine 5

Clout Graffiti Magazine 6 CLOUT Graffiti Magazine #6
The latest issue of Clout featuring an in depth interview with Puzl KYT, DTC. 60 pages, full color high quality. Bombing, freights, walls everything we have come to expect from Clout is here.
Clout Graffiti Magazine 6

Clout Graffiti Magazine 7 CLOUT Graffiti Magazine #7
Features former Roc-A-Fella, big-time, hip-hop producer Just Blaze. Also on the cover is NYC rapper Saigon. Featured as well is the "Midwest King", MC, Copywrite. Interview with DOCTOR SEX and HOUR JONES KCW. Find out about EWOK HM's secret infatuation with Paris Hilton. LEAD A2M is in this 7th issue as well. And as always, bombing, freights and walls spreads.
Clout Graffiti Magazine 7

Clout Graffiti Magazine 9 Clout Graffiti Magazine #9
What's Inside? The Ranjahz, Kiros DTC, Ruets, Can Control and much much more.
Clout Graffiti Magazine 9

Clout Issue 12  Clout Issue 12 
84 full color pages. Featuring KR, Stephen Mallon, Graffuturism, EPMD, OBLVN, Benny DIAR, D-Styles, Meyhem Lauren
Clout Issue 12

Day in the Lyfe 1 Day in the Lyfe #1
Day in the Lyfe Issue 1 features a great collection of graffiti art from: New York City, New Jersey, Colorado, Texas, Kansas City, Rhode Island, Slovakia, Montreal, Australia, and many more. There is a freight train section with pieces and streaks.

Here is a link to the exclusive interview  Day in the Lyfe Magazine.
Day in the Lyfe 1

Day in the Lyfe 3 Day in the Lyfe #3
Day in The Lyfe Issue 3 covers New York City, New Jersey, California, Kansas City, Brazil, Australia, freights of course, clean trains, a funny freight hoping comic, a glimpse into the life of a hobo, chase stories, gallery scene, nyc street scape photographers and more... covers by Kemos & Jersey Joe.

Here is a link to the exclusive interview  Day in the Lyfe Magazine.
Day in the Lyfe 3

Day in the Lyfe 4 Day in the Lyfe #4
This issue features the classic Graff debate "legal vs. 
Illegal" Also featuring some guest spreads featuring EAZ, JABER, ZEPHYR, NAVY8, PARS & WALLNUTS.
Day in the Lyfe 4

Four Gs Magazine 1 Four Gs Magazine - Issue 1
Four Gs magazine is all about graffiti, guns, girls and ganja. This cultural magazine shows you what's good in these four categories. 

What's inside: This issue has a great break down of California's 10 most important graffiti crews. It has an article on Alex Parde and Cage. There is also a nice spread on several models as well as several pages of weed break downs. In addition, there are profiles on some of the hottest guns on the market.
Four Gs Magazine 1

Spreading the Disease #1 Spreading the Disease #1
The first issue of Spreading the Disease is a really good news for the freight fans... There's still some really good freight graff magazines out there! This mag is filled to the gills with quality freight pictures and also has a small walls section. Featured in this issue: Kem5 and Aware.
Spreading the Disease #1

Volume One #10 Volume One #10
What's Inside: Eaz, Kem5, Ges, Pose, Quetzal, walls and trains from all over the US. This is a quality mag with nice footage. It's worth checking out.
Volume One #10

Volume One - #11 Volume 1 - Issue 11
What's Inside: Serval, Zone, Kes, Clown, Bates, Jive, Quisp, Marka27 and More. This is a well executed magazine. It's filled with really nice flicks from the Mid West and beyond.
Volume One - #11