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    Rants & Raves by borat johnson from nah, son    Wednesday April 23, 2014    
Subject: new pink sekt adapters? the new run pink sekt adapters seem to have a way smaller valve... watch the video....(APREPLY) They don't. Just push it down harder.
    Rants & Raves by DEVER~LR    Friday December 06, 2013    
Subject: First site I will look to buy from.

Right now I'm traveling a lot and I'm not in the US, so shipping things is a pain for me. I know that AP ships internationally, but I don't trust that what I order will arrive (because of people here, not AP). I've got someone in the states that can bring some stuff back for me, so I ordered a couple things that I needed..SEKT ADAPTERS. Anyways, I looked around and the prices for the adapters were the same anywhere, but AP charges WAY less for shipping. So, I decided to add to my cart. It was my first time buying from AP so I placed my order and everything was all good. I get an email saying there was an issue and that for some reason the system didn't charge me the total price and that I needed to call in to pay the rest and get everything going. So I call.. After talking to a really nice guy for a few minutes I realized the only way I could pay the rest is with a credit card..which I don't own.. All in all - he pretty much gave me a credit and my stuff is set to arrive tomorrow. There is no doubt that AP is the first site I'll go to whenever I need to order any supplies, etc. from here on out. Thanks a lot guys. Stay up, stay safe.

    Rants & Raves by Hint BPF AMC TAK from CALI    Sunday July 07, 2013    
Subject: dope products

Thank you artprimo for keeping graff alive and giving us great products to use. since rustoluem changed to female tips its great that you guys provide caps that fit. plus the cap adapters come in handy. i hate stock tips i only use them when i have to for fill ins. Thanks again, keep up the good work, we love you!
    Rants & Raves by VAPER619'ER from CALifas    Thursday June 06, 2013    
Subject: PROPS

anyway, just wanna say big ups to ArtPrimo for the great service over the years. always excellent service. dan and angie be the nicest people cuttin right thru the bullsh*t. big ups to the whole crew up there doing whatchu do best and thats putting smiles on vandals. even on times as rough as what im going thru right now, just peepin the site and checkin out the selection makes me forget the problems in the world for a few minutes while starin at the color palette. when i get $ in my pocket again and need some supplies i cant rack, AP is the place to be. stay up writerz. 1luv ~DaBigBadVaps
    Rants & Raves by VAPER619'ER from !+CALIFAS+!    Thursday June 06, 2013    
Subject: Visions Of The Future Past

the year is 6942 discovers this huge land mass in the west that was completely submerged under water. structures are found crumbled but surprisingly well preserved. upon excavating, large chunks of brick and concrete wall are found with strange hieroglyphics not like anything ever seen before. strange brilliant colors of unknown origin. patterns and designs beyond any level of comprehension...what are these beautiful maps? creatures? fossils? anomalies? over the course of the next 15 years more and more of these exotic anomalies are found in different shapes, sizes, and god...the colors! needs to be seen to be believed. what do all these things mean? but more importantly who created them and why? were these glyphs created by one or many creatures? was it a man? was it beings from the stars as our records indicate may have been here thousands of years ago? ah hah thats it! these are star maps! a complicated system of warped galaxies, dimensions, nebulas, gases, atoms, no no no...cant be. then what are they?...strange stars and arrows pointing to different directions of the earth and the heavens. what are these halos? they appeared to have hovered with intelligence and glowed with a brilliant celestial light but somehow were captured into the wall. aaa the frustration! these markings stretch across the land with such great distance that there is no way a culture of people could of created all this yet they are being found everywhere! were these images representations of their gods? must be...the structure is too complicated that there is no foundation to this madness! it appears to almost be random, yet others appear deliberate, structured and straight as to stand directly to be...READ? perhaps these alien glyphs are letters, words, names? quick! bring me the language tablets of the ancient world! hmm...interesting...yes...mmhmm...thats it! a match! NAMES! these are names! all these glyphs are names! hurry decipher these walls immediately orus and write down each name. we must identify these ancient gods! this discovery will change man forever! my god orus...can you imagine what this will do to society once they find out all along they have worshipped the wrong gods...this is a game changer. my fellow man will finally be awaken to the TRUTH! so tell me orus, what pattern do you see in these ancient writings? well sir, the names appear to be incredibly odd and make no visible sense, there is definately some type of pattern to this but...i cant seem to wrap my mind around the logic of these names...the meanings are far too "abstract" so to say. well orus tell me these names, lets hear these words for the first time with our own ears. okay boss, some of the names that we were able to decipher were; sueno, imox, dakka, kroko, vapor, and many with what appear to be numbers beside the names. what could this all mean orus???? who were these strange beings creating alien glyphs in the 20th and 21st century?! but more importantly....WHY? perhaps sir if i may attempt to give reasoning to this phenomena...yes orus, please explain. maybe these ancient beings created these technical highly advanced floating/hovering names to represent themselves as individuals in a society where all of man was hurdled into being one in the same. a marker for self-representation. a "i exist" ideaology in a time where man imitated the machine and lost itself in the "system". so what your saying orus is that these glyphs here are nothing more than identities for ancient man who decided to sever their chords from a brute system of corrupt order and re-establish themselves as man and not machine? i dont know sir, and perhaps we will never know why those people created these beautiful pieces of complicated art but what i do know sir is that these ancient glyphs need to be perserved and respected for their sheer beauty and originality. for no time in history (atleast in our datebase) has their been such a widespread global phenomena...this here ART.
    Rants & Raves by AKEN    Tuesday May 21, 2013    
Subject: Your the sh*t

You guys are the best... Shout Out from San Antonio,Texas ...AKEN
    Rants & Raves by Jrad from Canada    Saturday March 09, 2013    
Subject: props

I dont even need to know if there is a local shop in van cuz i can just hop across the line and cop my sh*t from you guys, Mad props to everyone at AP dealin with you guys is always breezy. Keep doing what you're doing. Same day shipping is prime always happy with how long it takes to score my cans. _3
    Rants & Raves by DAESK1 from MN, USA    Saturday March 09, 2013    
Subject: CAPS

CHANGED TO A QUESTION Where is the white hood yellow dot cap...Works like a thin Extinguisher cap...looking for them?
    Rants & Raves by Jope    Friday February 22, 2013    
Subject: ups

You guys are all out dope. I placed an order with STANDARD shipping and I got it within 2 day. That's just insane. The rest of my product is gonna be bought here.
    Rants & Raves by BVRTRON from LOS ANGELES    Monday February 18, 2013    

ART PRIMO!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!! I call direct & i get a person on the other line who is straight up with all my questions & solutions. I love my orders sent to me here in LA Fast & on point! also with complimentary goodies! - BANG BANG! my go to online art supply store!
    Rants & Raves by .DW. from VA USA    Sunday February 17, 2013    
Subject: LOVE

Art Primo is and always will be the greatest thing in the world. STAY UP.
    Rants & Raves by GATOR from Tennessee    Friday January 11, 2013    
Subject: mad props

just wanted to let you that you guys are awesome! tried ordering graff supplies from other sites and was always a hassle BUT the transaction i had with you guys was super easy and fast!!!
    Rants & Raves by GudSamaritan from NorCal    Sunday December 30, 2012    
Subject: Props

Just wanted to say that you guys are by far the most professional graff suppliers thati have ever dealt with. The site layout is easy to navigate, the prices are good, the variety is far greater than most sites that I've been to, and the shipping was quick. Just wanted to make sure you guys know you have another loyal customer. I don't even normally write reviews or testimonials or anything. PS I hadn't even heard of Flame until I found Art Primo, so thanks for introducing me to it. Love the stuff.
    Rants & Raves by LIL REZ from marysville wa    Friday November 16, 2012    
Subject: Help

hey AP im live in marysville wa and need places to tag do you know any legal and illegal spot that are worth hitting up (apreply) where do I start... Look homie. You are just going to have to figure it out on the illegal stuff. I will say this though. Trying to crush a small town like Marysville will get you exactly 0 fame because no one is paying attention. Well one person will be. That one cop with absolutely nothing better to do than hunt you down. That's what always happens with these small town kids. They get caught doing a tag behind Circle K and end up facing 2 years inside for something that would get you a weekend stay in any large city. I suggest concentrating on getting your skills up on a permission wall. And when you are a big boy move as far as you can. I suggest NY or SF. There you can start yourself a career in infamy.
    Rants & Raves by db_phan    Sunday November 11, 2012    

SPEAK SOFTLY BUT CARRY A BIG CAN OF PAINT, FOR GRAFFITI SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS. the items here are dope ! The Montana cans are sexy and sick AF !
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