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play from NJ USA    Wednesday August 26, 2015 Asked this Question:
Subject: Ink for Mini\'s & Uni\'s
Question: Whats the best ink for Mini\'s and Uni\'s (Wick type Markers), no pumping \"valve-type\". Just felt on felt tipped. I tried using your Smash ink, (It said, good for Mops and Markers) but it\'s not good for markers. rnWhat about alcohol based inks, like .407 O.T.R. Hard To Buff, Alcohol based Permenant Ink. rnorrnSolvent based Inks (Marsh T gradernI\'d like something opaque not transparent like Pilot inks. rnwhat about: \"Dye based Inks\" or \"Water based Acrylicrnandrnwhat is:rnNitrogen Synthetic Permenant Ink (OTR Flo pen ink)
AP Reply: We like Pilot. It/s inexpensive, great quality, and you can use it in other recipes. It/s a good one to have around for sure.
fatcap dood from can land    Friday August 14, 2015 Asked this Question:
Subject: caps
Question: Yee wats up art primo I love caps and I love trying them all out and figuring what works on what, but I\'m just interested to know what your all time favorite caps are to take advantage of the female valve that dollar cans and kilz have and what your favorite cap combo for pieceing and bombing with rustos and adapters? Thanks for being awesome Graff store!
AP Reply:
razor from Washington    Tuesday August 04, 2015 Asked this Question:
Subject: on the run
Question: Did on the run permanently stop making the cigarette markers!?
AP Reply: Not too sure, we have/'t seen them as of late. They were the best!
save from California    Tuesday August 04, 2015 Asked this Question:
Subject: paint
Question: Hey do you know if I can bring spray paint on an airplane through shipped luggage?
AP Reply: Generally no, you should check officially with TSA just to be sure.
Ma.destruction from Mass, USA    Thursday July 30, 2015 Asked this Question:
Subject: Caps/re-up
Question: What\'s up AP, I wanted to know if you guys are ever going to be getting the AP micro caps (white hood, red dot) back in stock or if they\'re out of production. Also, is there any possibility of bringing back the Blaster caps or something similar to those? Those were 2 of my all-time fav caps and any response is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
AP Reply: These are live;
pie from kitchen    Thursday July 30, 2015 Asked this Question:
Subject: mix
Question: Hey guys and gals at art primo, I have had all silver uni paint marker and when It ran out of ink I just opened it and refilled with some teal smash. I shook it up to mix the smash with the residue of the silver ink and now the marker doesn\'t work well like its very streaky and when I dab the nib it just comes out as globs of ink. I did shake it and I was just wondering if the art primo homies could help me out with what I did wrong, and how to fix it
AP Reply: Sorry buddy, metallic paint is a selfish animal. It doesnt play well with others as the pigments are different. You can A. just get a new marker, I/d be weary of replacing the paint in this into the new one. Maybe put it in a mop? or B. try thinning it with alcohol or maybe some pilot ink to help the pigments get through the nib. A new nib might not hurt either... Good luck!
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