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Troach from New York, USA    Wednesday October 22, 2014 Asked this Question:
Subject: Switch out
Question: I received an email that said one of the products I ordered was out of stock and that it was waiting for me to reply. How do I switch it out with something else and continue to checkout without getting charged twice?
AP Reply: Go ahead and respond to that email with how you would like to proceed. They will make the changes for you. Thanks!
oldlemon from MA USA    Tuesday October 21, 2014 Asked this Question:
Subject: Xylene AP Streakers
Question: Do AP solid paint markers contain xylene or other other toxic solvents?
AP Reply: You can contact the site through our email for MSDS info. Thanks!
Klues from Canada    Sunday October 19, 2014 Asked this Question:
Subject: Split streaks
Question: Yo what's the trick to writing with splitstreaks? No troubles scribblin' with a solid color but split is a different story.
AP Reply: Twist the marker as you write that way you get a marbled/ layered effect.
A Question from efrain    Wednesday October 15, 2014
Subject: cancel order
Question: I would like to know how to cancel an order?
AP Reply: Email or call us right away. We have all forms of communication on the site to help!
A Question from nlogax    Sunday October 12, 2014
Subject: alternative to Rustoleum
Question: Hi i had a question that I'm wondering if you could help me with. I'm an artist and use spray paint and stencils in my work, i've tried Montana Gold and Black but didn't like them because they were gritty and when layers were applied it just got too rough. I eventually started using Rustoleum 2x and really liked the finish and smoothness and it layered very nicely. Unfortunately theres not alot of color choices with Rustoleum, my question is do you know of any other brand with a comparable smoothness and finish and a large selection of colors? I'd really appreciate any insight you may have! Thanks!
AP Reply: I'm very surprised you would like Rustoleum over Gold. Most artist (other than graffiti bombers) find it very difficult to work with. I would suggest the Molotow as it is the fastest drying Lacquer paint. This makes it very desirable to stencil artists.
Biggmofo from Lost    Thursday October 09, 2014 Asked this Question:
Subject: White marsh
Question: Can I put white marsh t grade ink into let's say a blue or red jumbo pilot? Can you suggest a marker for it other than marsh 99 or mop thanks homie
AP Reply: You wont be able to put paint like products in a pilot. You will just gum it up. Dyes types only, which means you wont be able to use whites in that marker.
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