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mim from Australia    Monday March 31, 2014 Asked this Question:
Subject: painting rubber washers
Question: I've painted some rubber washers for a costume with enamel spray paint. It doesn't seem to be drying. Is there something I could spray or coat it with to seal the colour on? Thanks heaps.
AP Reply: Enamels are likely to react with the rubber. It will most likely stay sticky for quite some time. I wouldn't recommend using aerosols on rubber. Either this will happen with the enamel, of if you use a lacquer it will dry nicely but will likely chip off because is too rigid. You might want to look at applying a water based acrylic marker like the Oneforall. that would be your best bet.
thedavidwall from Washington, USA    Thursday March 27, 2014 Asked this Question:
Subject: spray plus enamel
Question: Do spray paint and enamel paint get along? Specifically I'm thinking of using one-shot enamel sign paint in a mural and would like to incorporate sray paint as well. Are there issues between mixing these paints in terms of drying/curing times? Also is there a possibility of re-activating base coats by adding additional layers? I'd appreciate any advice on process or recommended brands of spray paint. Thanks!
AP Reply: Some spray paints are enamels. And yes there can be issues whether you are using Oneshot over the paint or under it. The best thing you can do is apply a neutral clear coat barrier between the Oneshot and spray. The Krylon Clear Acrylic would be a good choice. It will encapsulate whatever is underneath to minimize a reaction. Just make sure the base layer is dry before doing so, as paint will shrink during curing, causing cracks on the top layer. As for Brands I have used both MTN and Molotow with Oneshot. I usually have the best results with Molotow as its a Nitro type. The synthetic enamels in MTN can react at times, but its more negligible when applying the acrylic clear between the layers. Good luck!
Dirtyyfilthyy from fl    Monday March 24, 2014 Asked this Question:
Subject: caps sect adp.
Question: Hey guys! So I have a sect adp and was wondering what fat caps work best on it other than the NY fatty, that cap is cramping up my finger thanks! :)
AP Reply: Try an Astro. Its GRs fave.
plzanswerme from wa,usa    Thursday March 20, 2014 Asked this Question:
Question: yo whats good, do guys happen to sell the cutty mops in the showroom in seattle? or are they only online. thanks.
AP Reply: They should be available in the showroom.
jon from chiraq    Sunday March 16, 2014 Asked this Question:
Subject: ink
Question: Is the molotowspeed fliw ink ink good for mini wide? And can you please tell me what other inks are good for the mini wide. Im trying to make a killer mix. Trying to make it like clique ink l, sh*ts baller
AP Reply: It should work. I usually use the Transformer ink myself. Its thinner and flows really well through the miniwide.
Ghostfacethrilla from ny    Tuesday March 11, 2014 Asked this Question:
Subject: Special molotow order reques?
Question: Hey A.P. as a official distributor of Molotow products, is it possible you guys will get in the Molotow blackbooks? If not would I be able to call and have one ordered for me? Id love to have one or two just to have something different as well as em being made for alcohol based markers.
AP Reply: Most likely we will.
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