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CookieMonster from Nearest Aldi    Wednesday March 04, 2015 Asked this Question:
Subject: I want cookie for free
Question: Lol How do other Graf sites even stay in business???your the shiznit art primo!!!!
AP Reply: I really don't know. Trust Funds?
Overweight lover from Por aya over there    Tuesday March 03, 2015 Asked this Question:
Subject: Fat but fast
Question: What's up primos tax season is here what's the best spray paint you got for busting some big fat fast Tags and hollow throw ups I'm usually down with rusto's but I fell like spoiling myself so what you Recommend other than molotow cause I had to pay that insurance fine thanks pinche obama
AP Reply: Sup Heavy-D. Flame-Orange is my go to for fast action. If you are looking for bulk order then def hit up our boy dan @ 206.365.4083
Frank white from Nu Jerusalem    Saturday February 28, 2015 Asked this Question:
Subject: Shipping
Question: Wait so let me get this straight? All retail orders over 150 is free shipping? So if I get 60 pack of molotow premium and maybe a few more things it is free shipping???
AP Reply: Free shipping within continental USA. If you are international email us, we can get you a shipping quote;
Frankwhite from Nu Jerusalem    Saturday February 28, 2015 Asked this Question:
Subject: Flame
Question: What is the difference between flame blue and flame red?
AP Reply: Flame Blue is an acrylic low pressure spray paint. Flame Orange is marketed as High Output but this does not mean it's High Pressure. To clarify we made this informative video;
Painthuffer from New jersey    Monday February 23, 2015 Asked this Question:
Subject: Drinking a big bear 40 oz
Question: So when will you guys have free shipping on molotow 60 packs again? I got one last time and it was a steal! I guess I'll be grabbing that 60 pack of flame instead since it's free shipping, and why did you guys raise prices on all molotow paint? Used to be 4.49 got high pressure. That was the sh*t, and can you guys mail me a big bear 40 oz with my order? Thanks from your vandal in nj!
AP Reply: All retail orders over 150.00 have Free Shipping (within the US), take care!
Booze hound from Babylon    Saturday February 21, 2015 Asked this Question:
Subject: See you rob you
Question: What is the difference between fancy Euro paint and domestic paint? I'm balling on a budget.
AP Reply: We import the German Molotow Premium and the Flame spray paint lines. These have the highest quality pigments and patented valve system; Fancy words for covers really well in amazing colors and easy to use. Importing means we put forth the extra effort to get a quality product from overseas to our US customer base. It's basically the difference between a BMW and taking the bus. Both will get you where you need to go, but one will be way more enjoyable. =)
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