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ProFreshionalism Freight Book ProFreshionalism Freight BookDesigned with the insight from dozens of freight artists, the book features a duracloth cover, extra thick card stock paper, and 40 massive 24" car spreads for an ideal sketching experience.

• 12" x 6" CSX Navy Blue DuraCloth Hard Cover
• White Wood Free Coated 110lb stock pages
• 40 spreads of assorted Hoppers, Gondolas, Boxcars & Reefers laid out over 80 pages
• Graying Ink treatment for fade back when markers are applied- no black interior lines so your art isn't compromised.
ProFreshionalism Freight Book

Giant One Blackbook Giant One BlackbookPublished by Gingko Press
108 pages, Hardcover
5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

This features 10 assorted spreads of GIANT's amazing hand scripts and drawings. It has smooth cream colored paper.
Giant One Blackbook

Backjumps Live Issue #3 Backjumps Live Issue #3
This book features work by: Akim One, Anti Prive, Ash, Blu, Brad Downey, David "Comnoz" Kammerer, Dave the Chimp, Graffiti Museum, Huskitnavn (Remembermyname), Mode 2, Nomad, Reclaim Your City, Oliver Rodriguez Kroll, Skii @ Studio Anti, Study of Styles, Surrend, Daniel Tagno, Veysel Onder (Amok), Jan Lilienthal, Zevs and more.
Backjumps Live Issue #3

Black Ink Black Ink
Known as Toast in graffiti circles and Atalier in graphic design circles, Ata Bozaci is recognized as an artist, draftsman, illustrator, and graffiti artist. This Swiss-based dynamo is also known as one of the pioneers of three dimensional graffiti art. The link between these different artistic or design modes is a pictorial language that is based on the reduction of images and ideas to the essential - black ink on white surfaces. In order to preserve the character of his work and to create an object that is more than just a direct documentation of his work, the book was constructed with paper stock similar to that of his sketchbooks and all of his work printed exclusively using black ink on white paper. The book is organized into three main organizing chapters: Graffiti, Sketches, and Illustrations. Graffiti focuses on Styles & Characters, 3-D Styles and Living Letters, Sketches is divided into the categories Animals and People and the last section, Illustrations is devoted to Portraits and the commercial Graphics work that appears under the label Atalier.

Black Ink

Fetish Bubble Girls Fetish Bubble Girls
Fetish Bubblegirls presents the work of internationally recognized graffiti artist Tilt in an unabashedly new, colorful, and playful volume. Graffiti has always been an inherently dangerous, high-wire act - the execution of art in risky, often illegal situations. And one could argue for a strong parallel that exists between the classic graffiti writing's extensive use of bubbly, curvaceous shapes and the female form. The French born graff writer obsessively explores these tensions and parallels in Fetish Bubblegirls as he explores the world in search of beautiful young canvases on which to execute his art. Although this mission straddles the globe, there is a common thread that emerges as the most striking detail of the project - the openness and balance between innocence and playfulness and sexuality and the highly charged environment that all of the models inhabit. Tilt is a member of the all-star French artists collective Le Club.

Fetish Bubble Girls

Get Up Stay Up   GET UP STAY UP The Concise Graffiti Writers Handbook144 pages, Hardcover
5 3/4" x 8 1/4"
200 Illustrations
In his book Get Up Stay Up, author Danny Crofts has put together the bombproof how-to manual of graffiti writing. Crofts breaks it all down with the basics for every mission, with solid advice on how to keep a low profile during night time bombing runs, selecting proper clothing, and finding the right paint and caps to pull off tight graffiti pieces. In the introduction to this zine Crofts states, "Graffiti writers have established themselves in almost every corner of the world. Even in places too inhospitable to provide a regular home, artists have found ways to exploit it's potential." Now those aspiring graffiti writers looking to get into the game can benefit from years of knowledge and history included here. Enjoy!
Get Up Stay Up

Graphotism #32 Graphotism #32Graphotism is one of the best produced graffiti publications in the world. They always have excellent content and flicks from around the world. It's well worth the price.

What's Inside: Snatch, Os Gemeos, Zedz, Fakso, Mint, Swoon, Bode, Spradio, Cope2, Kid Ance
Graphotism #32

Graphotism #34 Graphotism #34Graphotism is one of the best produced graffiti publications in the world. They always have excellent content and flicks from around the world. It's well worth the price.

What's Inside: Snug, Quality of Life, Everyday Vandals, Casroc, Urban Dream 2, Neate
Graphotism #34

Graphotism #40 Graphotism #40 - Collectors Edition
Graphotism is one of the best produced graffiti publications in the world. They always What's Inside: THE MAC, BRIGHTON, INFAMY, LIVERPOOL, PARIS, DENMARK, CLOWN, NERD, MIST, JR, SHINE. Plus the usual mix of articles and hundreds of photos from around the world.
Graphotism #40

Graphotism #41 Graphotism #41Graphotism is one of the best produced graffiti publications in the world. They always have excellent content and flicks from around the world. It's well worth the price.

What's Inside: Conor Harrington, CNSkillz Crew, Santiago, Recall One, Dark Daze
Graphotism #41

Graphotism #42 Graphotism #42Graphotism is one of the best produced graffiti publications in the world. They always have excellent content and flicks from around the world. It's well worth the price.

What's Inside: Mist RT, Heavy Metal, Rewriting, Mercury Mission, T-Kid
Graphotism #42

Graphotism #44 Graphotism #44Graphotism is one of the best produced graffiti publications in the world. They always have excellent content and flicks from around the world. It's well worth the price.

What's Inside: Sooper Dooper, Summer Jam Special, Rockaholics
Graphotism #44

Graphotism #45 Graphotism #45Graphotism is one of the best produced graffiti publications in the world. They always have excellent content and flicks from around the world. It's well worth the price.

What's Inside: Nikon One, Rosy One, Wallz on Fire Crew, Pose 2, Solveig, UK Wall
Graphotism #45

Graphotism #47 Graphotism #47 - Special Edition
Graphotism is one of the best produced graffiti publications in the world. They always have excellent content and flicks from around the world. It's well worth the price. 
What's Inside: INKFETISH, BODE SPECIAL, RMER & HOAX, KOSMOPOLITE 07 and Benchtalk reviews. Plus the usual mix of articles and hundreds of photos from around the world.
Graphotism #47

Herakut The Perfect Merge Book Herakut The Perfect Merge BookThe unique strength and startling tension of a herakut piece, whether it is painted on a wall or a canvas, derives from their bold concept of mixing two extremely contrasting artistic styles: Akut's top level spray paint photorealism and Hera's rough but imaginative illustrations with spray paint and pencil.
This book depicts the complex process of these two graffiti loving and street art affiliated artist melting down their individual skills for the sake of storytelling. It compiles the vast body of Herakut work from its beginning in 2004 to the latest and most beautiful outcome of this exceptional symbiosis.
Herakut The Perfect Merge Book

Hip Hop Files Hip Hop Files
Photographs from 1979 to 1984 by Martha Cooper.  Photos taken in the South Bronx of Breakdancing, Graffiti, and the vibrant youth culture that surrounded the time.  This book is a must have for any hip-hop library.
Hip Hop Files

KACA077 Universes KACA077 Universes
KACAO77 is a Berlin graffiti writer recognized the world over for his complex style, elaborate sketches and most notably his large scale trademark "graffiti comics" that depict super heroes and villains in a science fiction universe all their own, not unlike a hip hop Fantastic Planet.
The work is so elaborate he often spends weeks on each panel. Universes showcases exclusive, never before seen work of KACAO77 since 2001 including his comics, sketches, stunning wall pieces, and peeks inside his blackbook. KACAO77 is a jury member of the international graffiti battle WRITE4GOLD. A member of the Berlin crew GFA (Glorious Five Artists) he has collaborated with other major talents of the international graffiti scene including BATES, JAY1, and POET.
ISBN-13: 978-3-9809909-8-1
KACA077 Universes

MH2 - Metalheart is Movement MH2 - Metalheart is MovementThe second volume in a series that showcases cutting edge digital design that has proven successful internationally. Metalheart is Movement focuses on motion graphics, animations and quick time movies to provide an in-depth view of the most progressive contemporary trends in digital design.
The book is split into several chapters including Emotion, Back to Basics, Vector Art, Subplot, Mutating Fragments, Visual Harmonizer, Fonts and Faces, and Essentials. The guest gallery features an explosive selection of the best work by leading international digital artists such as Velocity Studio, Dimitar Karanikolov, Hinge Design, and Raj Naik.
More than 100 Quicktime NTSC royalty free motion graphic clips are included on the DVD-ROM. Metalheart, the concept, was conceived in 1998 by Swedish designers Andreas Lindholm and Anders F. Rönnblom.
168 pages, Paperback with gatefolds
10'' x 12'' (255 x 305 mm)
200 color illustrations, English
DVD included 	

ISBN-13: 978-1-58423-122-6
ISBN-10: 1-58423-122-X
MH2 - Metalheart is Movement

Mist Debil Inside Mist Debil Inside
Debil Inside is an inside look to the extensive collection of Mist's works : walls paintings, canvases, exhibition pictures, sculptures, sketches and the preparatory works of its Toys creations. Featuring collaborations with friends such as Le Club crew and Legendary T-Kid, and exclusive material from Mist's own twisted mind...
140 pages, softcover-
Mist Debil Inside

Morning Wood Book Morning Wood Book
Morning Wood is all about art on the edge. It features the work of 50 of the world's current top 'alternative creators' in an incredible compilation that is pure inspiration. Morning Wood provides a long-awaited forum for well known visionaries like billboard liberator Ron English; the creator of the ''Garbage Pail Kids'', John Pound; and Sex Pistols art director Jamie Reid. And together with these living legends of the ''alternative'' art world, Morning Wood also features the latest generation's brightest artistic and photographic stars such as Espo, Cynthia Connolly, Dalek, Giant, WK Interact and Estevan Oriol to name just a few. Each artist was given complete freedom to present a selection of his or her best work in four full bleed pages. Current biographies assist in putting this remarkable 21st century art into context.

320 pages, Paperback, 9'' x 11'' (280 x 230 mm)
285 color illustrations, English
ISBN: 1-58423-159-9
Morning Wood Book

Neo Utopia Neo Utopia - The Art and Work of Superblast
Berlin based graphic designer SUPERBLAST was immersed in the world of punk rock and skateboarding when he discovered graffiti in 1990 and quickly became addicted to the energy and vitality of the street art underground. As a logical evolution of writing with spraypaint, he started a career as graphic designer in 1999. While studying graphic design, he freelanced for several urban brands, had solo and collective art shows. In 2004 he honed his skills in the beautiful craft of creating letters, by attending lessons in Fontdesign from the world-famous Luc(as) de Groot. His unique iconic style and use of color in illustrations, lettering and wall pieces lead him to projects with some of the most interesting and innovative artists and companies in his field. Most notable are his collaborations with Playstation Portable, Ecko Unltd, Volkl Skateboards, Montana Cans, and many more.  SUPERBLAST has designed clothing, graphics, magazine ads, and skateboard decks. Neo Utopia - The Art & Work of Superblast is a fascinating career retrospective from a pioneer of the European graffiti world. Included is a personal selection of graphic design work, graffiti, illustration, ad campaigns, logo design, typography and related art of the past 17 years as well as sketches and full color photos of work in progress. 
ISBN-13: 978-3-939566-11-3
Neo Utopia

Shaft by Doze Green and David Ellis Shaft by Doze Green and David Ellis
"Shaft" by Doze Green & David Ellis - Two of the most influential graffiti turned fine artists active today, New York City residents Doze Green and David Ellis fuse the true meaning of hip-hop with contemporary art styles to create a hybrid of visual sounds that are truly unique and original. In their collaborative book and project, Shaft, each artist takes their trademark styles and characters and interconnects both elements on a site-specific project upon an elevator shaft. The results epitomize the roots of hip-hop and both artists reflect the 21st century urban landscape.The 64-page book comes with a pull-out poster that captures the entirety of the shaft project.
Shaft by Doze Green and David Ellis

Street Art Chile Street Art Chile by Rod Palmer
A leading Latin American centre of radical propaganda painting since 1940 - reflected chiefly through public murals - Chile is now home to a unique and extraordinarily vibrant street art scene. Since the end of the Pinochet dictatorship in 1990, Chile has embraced an era of new freedoms, clearly reflected through the prism of publicly accessible art forms. Today, old school muralists can be seen next to contemporary graffiti writers; each exhibiting a unique style yet sharing a rebellious spirit. Since 2000, politically engaged street art has cross-fertilized with graffiti to create a multi-faceted and rapidly developing panorama of politically didactic and ironically post political street art. In the Chile of today, Latin American propagandistic traditions encounter the rebelliousness of worldwide graffiti; the outcome is an approachable yet defiantly anarchic street art that plays a central role in the fabric of Chilean society and culture as reflected by the artful urban colorful expressions of adorned cityscapes.
ISBN-13: 978-1-58423-300-8
Street Art Chile

Street Play  Street Play
A captivating collection of Cooper's photographs from the late 70s shows the creative and indomitable spirit of New York City kids as they turn their inhospitable environment into an adventure playground.
Street Play

Textura by Luz Martin Textura by Luz MartinValencia is Spain's third largest city and a hotbed of vibrant street art. While elaborate murals, wheat pastes and stencils can be found throughout the city, the scene's epicenter is Barrio del Carmen, the neighborhood that comprises Valencia's old town. In this part of the city, a great number of aging structures have been razed to make room for new developments. The building lots are usually surrounded by temporary walls, which Valencia's most prolific street artists use as their canvases. Textura gathers together Luz Martín's photographs of this ephemeral phenomenon--preserving it from being painted over. The book is bundled with royalty-free images, for designers to use in their own work.
Textura by Luz Martin

The Nasty: Terrible T-Kid  The Nasty Terrible Tkid
The Nasty Terrible T-Kid book is the autobiographical of graffiti writer Julius Cavero AKA T-KID 170. It chronicles his days as a gang member in the late 1970s New York City to his rise as a subway legend in the 1980s and then up to his dedication as a artistic style mentor for urban youth.
The Nasty: Terrible T-Kid

Urban Scrawl Notebook   Urban Scrawl Notebook  160 pages, 4 1/2" x 6 3/4", Hardcover
75 Illustrations

You are doing it on your exercise book, beer coasters, the bench in the park, the school toilet, in the sand, during courses or while on the phone: to doodle, scrawl, scribble or just to daub is a basic need to express our creativity and sometimes the beginning of the best ideas you have ever had! This special notebook unleashes your imagination – walls, boards and backgrounds of every kind are waiting for your scribbles, notes, dates, poems and everything else that comes to your mind. Let it be your personal companion for your daily creative life or a little surprise for a good friend, regardless of age or artistic talents!
Urban Scrawl Notebook

We BGirlz We B "Girlz"
We B Girlz showcases interviews and photos of B Girls from around the world.  Photography by Martha Cooper
We BGirlz

Wild Style - The Sampler - Book Wild Style - The Sampler - Book
Wild Style is truly a classic film, having inspired countless artists, musicians and writers with unforgettable scenes starring the era's most memorable personalities.To celebrate the film's silver anniversary, the book Wild Style The Sampler provides an inside look at the making of the film, it's release, and the reverberations it caused around the world.
Author: Charlie Ahearn
Language: English
Size: 28,6 x 28 cm
Pages: 200
Binding: Hardcover
Number of illustrations: 200
ISBN: 978-91-85639-06-9
Wild Style - The Sampler - Book

Zach Johnsen Sketchbook Assorted Colors  Zach Johnsen Sketchbook Assorted Colors  Sketchbook is a 216 page chronicle of sketch material from artist Zach Johnsen. Sketchbook catalogs years worth of sketch material by the artist from a variety of sources: old black books, rough drafts of freelance projects, character developments and various sketches.
Zach Johnsen Sketchbook Assorted Colors