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Tuesday - April 1, 2014 10:57:30 AM
The AP Metal Tip Review

Metal tip correction markers are definitely the in marker for writes. For years the only option was the Pentel, but the difficulties refilling and thin plastic body really limited the refill choices. No one has really stepped up with a clear alternative until now. The AP Metal tip solves all the problems with previous designs. This marker is made with a more durable (still squeezable) plastic and now features an easily removable head for refilling. It also comes in a variety of bright opaque colors that can be intermixed with each other for sick color combinations.

First things first, shake dat thang! There is a pea in there. So if you don't hear it, keep shaking. You want to be sure your mix is consistent, right? I know some of you are probably thinking this is obvious, but I see kids do this at the shop all the time. They get a new marker, shake it twice and immediately flood their nibs with pure pigment. I blame ADHD. Thankfully this marker doesn't have a felt nib so it can easily be disassembled for cleaning. Still just be patient and do it right. So remember, shake it, don't break it.

The first surface I tested on was this grilled metal table at the warehouse. The metal tip glided smoothly over the surface and the write had a 3D quality to it. The quality of the silver is really reflective and makes for the perfect tagging pen. I have since bought myself 24 of these. This is now my bar hopping pen. It just fits in the pocket nicely and will write on just about anything. Also, these things are bullet proof. No leaks in my pocket! Can't say the same about some other overpriced markers...

The grilled surface was pretty good but I wanted to really show what this marker can do. The logical solution was to get in our dumpster and test it on the rusty walls. The bum inside was accommodating and he let me tag on the interior of his house. He talked about Black Sabbath, Nam and how Miley was hotter before. Dude was like 50... But I digress. This marker killed it on the Rust. It even makes for great grip tape tags.

Eventually your territorial pissing is gonna bleed this bad boy dry. Thankfully, the marker is easily filled with your favorite solvent based ink. Just unscrew the valve portion clockwise and you're in! I am filling with Smash Ink, but you can use Marsh or even diluted paint like Oneshot or Rusto.

All in all, the Metal Tip Paint is a killer marker for the writer and artist alike. When shaken well the consistency is on point and it will deliver those drips all you street cretans crave. The Xylene formula is durable and flows with perfect consistency. The color palette is sick and I have to say this is a great jump off for our filled marker lines. I think we should make more!

Art Primo Metal Tip Squeezer

Art Primo Metal Tip Squeezer
Our famous Squeezer is equipped with a durable steel tip and extra permanent xylene based paint to make writing on rough surfaces easy-squeezey. Order one today and scribble, drag or draw your way across the urban terrain. Watch the Art Primo Youtube Channel Video Review

Art Primo Metal Tip Squeezer

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