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Wednesday - December 14, 2011 02:20:32 PM
DIY:: Build A Freewall
Here you grow kids!


A basic schematic for building your very own double sided Freewall for all your back yard shenanigans.

What you will need:
Six 2X4 studs
Four 1X1 studs
Six 4X8 sheets of OSB (cheap chipboard)
Four pieces of 2" PVC cut to 8'
Two pieces of PVC @ 3'
One piece of PVC @ 12'
Two 90 degree PVC elbows
Some PVC glue
Assorted Wood Screws
A Dad/Uncle or someone that has tools and knows what they are doing
Beat up radio that only picks up the Classic Rock station. This is crucial! Without it,construction just doesn't happen.
A six pack of Silver Bullet for Dad or Uncle. Its their fuel and they cannot work without it. Ask mom for them.

The wall is really easy to build as you are merely joining three vertical sheets of plywood (two sides) with two flat 2X4s and 1X1s on the ends. They are all cut at 8' so its pretty easy. The only cutting you will have to do at this point is the three small pieces going horizontally in the middle. I believe they will be 44.5 inches each... I am doing this all from memory so please forgive me. But once you start laying it out you will see what I mean. Trust me, its eazy peazy!

Now you have a wall on the ground. Go get your lazy brother to help you prop it up while dad screws the full length stud (centered) on each side. If your dad is as awesome as me the wall should hold up on its own right now, but you should still hold it until dad gets his miter cuts and attaches the diagonal supports.

Once the miters are cut and installed the wall will be ready to paint. But rain happens so I suggest getting a tarp that is at least 12"X16" and rigging it with the pvc pipes.

Once you do that you will be ready to crush, research styles on Flickr or grab some Sunny D from the fridge.

Try doing that at the cutty spot!

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