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All the reviews by SugarB419 - A Top 1000 Reviewer!
Krink K-71 Broad Line Marker by SugarB419 - A Top 1000 Reviewer! 02/13/2017
Krink K-71 Broad Line Marker I've only ever had the black in this model. I've had three of them. I usually ditch them after the barrel gets dented. It ships a little less than half full. The second one I got I immediately unscrewed the top and topped it off with some Garvey. Only fill about 2/3 of the way for best results. Seal with a wrap of black electrical tape after screwing the cap back on. Once the nib gets juiced this marker doesn't need a full pump, or you'll be spilling ink everywhere. I can usually do like half pump very fast, count to five and write. If you go half and half with Garvey and a nice black ink of choice you get a really nice purple fade effect toward the end of your tag. I most recently refilled with some violet ink out of a flowpen and mixed it with some eggshell es3 ink. Favorite surface is the plastic bus stop signage and white tile. I love doing tags on tile. It could be cheaper but it's not wildly overpriced like most krink stuff. I typically boycott krink products due to price, but I really like this marker.

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Magic Ink Marker - Glass Body by SugarB419 - A Top 1000 Reviewer! 12/05/2016
Magic Ink Marker - Glass Body I copped the violet. First thing I did was unscrew the top and look inside. I was under the impression it had liquid in it, but it appears to be capilary fed. Which is totally 👌🏽because it won't spill in your pocket. I rolled up and went ham on some slick poster board to test it out. . I don't normally go out with a nib this small,but I took it with to the bar. It writes really well on tile, porcelain, bare metal, painted metal, bus stops, mirrors, vinyl signs, the white freezers that hold bags of ice, paper towel dispensers, hand dryers, and plastic. Favorite surface was white porcelain. I've caught about forty tags with it and don't even think I've dented it. I feel like these would make great Christmas gifts.
My grandad had some markers like this when I was a kid, and I'd almost swear that the ones he had had a "T" nib on them.
The packaging is dope, the marker itself is dope. I hope AP starts getting the refill ink in all colors soon, at least violet. The ink is loud af. The smell kind of reminds me of a chartpak . It def has some gnarley chemicals in it. These are fun, and for the price you can't go wrong.

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